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In the Olympic National Park, a river swirls around a small island, in the southern end of the Park not far from Lake Quinault.

Recently thanks to a client who requested some landscapes for her commercial client, I have managed to get around to scanning some of the panoramic images I have been shooting on trips around Washington State, this was one of a series on this river. I also shoot quite a lot of the temperate rain forest. The temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest developed where moisture-rich air masses from the Pacific Ocean rise and become trapped by the coastal mountain ranges in Oregon and Washington state. The moisture then condenses and returns to earth in the form of heavy rainfall and, at higher elevations, snow. These forests stretch in a narrow band from the redwood forests of extreme northern California, western Oregon and Washington and continue north through Canada to Sitka in coastal Alaska. Small pockets of temperate rain forests are also found in the Rocky Mountain areas of northwestern Montana at its border with Canada. However, the largest remaining portion of the North American temperate rain forest is found in Olympic National Park in northwestern Washington state.

Photograph by Seattle photographer

Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan, a photojournalist specializing in editorial photography and portrait photography for publications and corporations and a Seattle wedding photographer with an unobtrusive, story-telling approach, creating award winning wedding photojournalism is ranked one the best Seattle wedding photographers by the National Association of Wedding Photojournalists.


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