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Koliba Forest


Spring In Koliba Forest

Some more of the forest in Koliba that sprint a couple of years ago. It is a forest not far from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. and is a wonder in spring, and a joy to stroll through. Koliba is the name of a locality in Bratislava, Slovakia, which is situated on the foothills of the Little Carpathians. It administratively belongs to the Nové Mesto borough and is part of the Bratislava Forest Park. The park is managed by Bratislava City Forests, a non-profit organization.
The park covers an area of 27.3 km² (10.54 mi²), of which 96% is covered with forests; the rest consists of meadows, water and built-up areas. The park contains original flora and fauna such as grass snakes, stone crayfish, European badgers, red foxes, mouflons, field maple, and elderberry. The Vydrica river originates in the park’s territory.
The park includes many localities popular among visitors, such as Železná studienka, Partizánska lúka (Partisan meadow), Koliba and the Kamzík TV Tower.

Photograph by Seattle Editorial Photographer and photojournalist Daniel Sheehan an editorial photographer who specializes in portrait photography and photojournalism for publications and corporations.

Daniel is also a Seattle wedding photographer who creates Seattle wedding photography in an artistic, editorial fashion with classic photojournalistic style. He photographs weddings with an unobtrusive, story-telling approach and creates artistic wedding photojournalism.

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