Seattle Photographer Daniel Sheehan's Photo Blog

A Throw of the Dice

I was out on the Skansonia last week on assignment to cover a night out for a local business and one of the diversions they had hand were some gaming tables. I caught this fellow as he unloaded the dice in a long successful run of collecting a pile of chips. A great night out for all.
This blog is moving. It has been hosted for the past year or so by WordPress. For a number of varied reasons including CSS design requirements of a WordPress hosted blog, I am setting it up to move to be hosted on my website It will look and function the same as it has for the past year with a minor change. I am taking the opportunity to I am shorten the name to Seattle Photographer. Same simple layout same large pictures. See you there. Please change your RSS feed to the new site Seattle Photographer Daniel Sheehan specializes in photojournalism, portraits and photography for publications and corporations, and photojournalistic Seattle wedding photography.

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